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Creeping Crud Catches Cranky Yo...

Well, this thing that's been going around is apparently trying to grab me as well...the scratchy throat and runny nose began tonight. Fortunately, my big plans for the month aren't until my B-day, a week from Thursday. Since I usually kick these things faster than most, I should be ok. I would have been ticked off if I had this during Pantheacon, so I do count those blessings.

Right now I'm chugging herbal tea with lemon and honey and pushing the zinc, vitamin C, and Ecin..Eka..goddamnit, hold on.

(gets stupid bottle of herbal supplement)

Can't find the stupid bottle, now...Echinecia? Like my spell checker doesn't choke on THAT word.

I'm sucking on a Vitamin C/Zin lozenge now. To think I did this before science deigned to bestow its blessing upon it.

My friend Gwen finally got onto LJ as gtpooh (Gwenny the Pooh). I feel like a circle has been completed...ambar got me hooked, and now I have assimilated...er, inducted another lucky soul into the great family that is LiveJournal.

You know, I'm really developing a fondness for Perl... As I learn it and get used to it's rather interesting approach to things, I suddenly find some of the more complex ways I've had to use other script and programming languages are suddenly a LOT simpler. Suddenly, I want to use regular expressions EVERY where, finally freed from all sorts of constraints that only a fellow geek would appreciate. I have a feeling this is going to be key to getting the site re-design done (there are some CGI's I want to write to vastly simplify some of the site formatting).

I feel so groggy, I think I've just repeated myself. From an earlier entry. You know, perhaps I should just finish this tea and collapse.

BTW, the list I made for the event at Castlebar in April was NOT all inclusive...someone's absence does not indicate a lack of caring. Not that anyone's complained, but I want to make sure that no one feels hurt because I didn't publicly say you were beautiful. Feel free to ridicule and otherwise castigate me in a comment.
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