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Going By The Seat Of One's Pants...

So, I've been really lucky lately. No, not winning the lotto lucky... but weird, dumb luck.

For example penguin_goddess and I went to Lowe's on Monday to get some material to get some shelves up in her new room, so her insane number of stuffies could watch down as if from some bizarre balcony.

We were already well on our way when I realized we had forgotten the knob things from her adjustable desk... actually, a drafting table set to a flat position, more or less. When it was broken down to be moved several nuts (no, not us) were lost in transit. Since the computer was currently living on this now barely stable environment I really wanted to get it fixed.

The plan was to get a few different sizes (nuts are dirt cheap, after all), but as I stood there, I had this feeling... I felt... lucky.

So I picked up one size. When we got back to the house, I gave it a try.

Perfect fit.

That's been the theme for the week, it seems. Tonight just reinforced it.

I ran into town to grab a bagel with cream cheese, as all the damn day I've wanted one. I go to Rainbow's End, a lovely little coffee shop in town whose main feature is a massive redwood growing up through the middle of the building, the same one they light up for christmas every year ("The World's Largest Christmas Tree, Dontcha Know" and picked up a hot chocolate and the object of my desire. So overwhelmed I was with this achievement I over-tipped, tossing a dollar into the basket.

It turns out that the guy was just about to close up, and he turns around and GIVES me half a dozen assorted yummy donuts (and a muffin) to take home. Now that's instant karma I can live with.

While I sat in the car finishing off the last bits of cream cheese from my fingers, I get a surprise call from kshandra. Seems she found herself with a free evening and a dead computer (again!) and wanted to know if I could do dinner. I opined that I would have to check with Michele, and would get back to her.

She had given me this list of goodies to pick up at Jonnie's that included a roast chicken, or a set of roasted chicken breasts. Normally if you get there before 6 there are a few whole chickens left. Tonight, there was one breast. Literally, that's all that was left in the entire case, aside from a small piece of broiled fish.

Since I learned to take hints like this seriously, I decided to give Michele a call from the car to see what she thought of the idea of my running down the hill for dinner. She had just gotten past her first mid-term (and, by extension, her first pre-test panic) and was pretty wiped anyway.

As I call K to let her know that I was heading over, I suddenly realized that it was only a quarter of six. As I said to Kirsten, it was almost as if I thought it had to be later because I felt so good, a strange thing for this time of year with me.

So, I get to San Jose and head over to a lovely Chinese restaurant, where the service was so fast we were fed and out of there inside of 30 minutes. Since it was still fairly early, she had me come up to her place afterwards to see if I could lay hands upon her ill machine and thus heal it.

Kirsten had suspected the hard drive. After a few minutes it was readily apparent that the problem was way worse than that. I tore open the box, even though my gut what going on about the motherboard. Turning into quite the chatter box, that gut is.

Even as I put the box together so that I could drag it home with me K reveals that they've gone through 3 power supplies in as many years. Can you say CRAPPY motherboard?

Lucked out again when I managed to make it to Fry's before they closed, and lucked out yet AGAIN when they had a CPU/Motherboard on sale for an obscenely low price. As I checked out of Fry's I realized I had forgotten a fan for the CPU... but I suddenly just KNEW that the old one would work (it did).

Now, for the punchline.

As I got the new motherboard in, everything fitting perfectly, right up to the point I discovered the RAM was the wrong type. (insert sound of Yo thwapping his head)

So, I have a box that is pretty much in one piece, but no way to test it before I bring it over the hill tomorrow. Yet I just have... you got it! ...This gut feeling.

So, there are two possible outcomes. One is that I slap in the RAM and the box and it just works. The other is I slam right up against my own hubris and it hits the fan.

Stay tuned.
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